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Farmers and Production

Can Fine/ flavour' and 'single origin' cocoa be utilised as an instrument for promoting... Read more

The World Cocoa Conference

"Towards a sustainable world cocoa economy: mapping progress along the road". Conference 9 - 13 June in Amsterdam

News and events
Thursday, 03 April 2014
Session: Sources of inspiration Fine flavour — by Anna Laven, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)...
Friday, 07 March 2014
The aim of Chocoa is to stimulate the production and consumption of sustainable cocoa and chocolate...
Markets and policies

We only have one planet, not three. How can we ensure sustainability?

Chocoa conference amsterdam 28-03-2014

The Chocoa conference in March was a success. Find all the presentations on CocoaConnect... Read more

Chains and relations

What challenges are facing Cocoa internationally?

Markets and policies

Smallholding in the cocoa sector has been seen as a hindrance to production and productivity... Read more