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Tuesday, 16 December 2014
• Establishes Olam Cocoa as one of the world’s top three cocoa processors focused on the...
Friday, 05 December 2014
5th - 8th March 2015 - "Good cocoa" should always be produced under good sustainable circumstances...
World Cocoa Conference 2016

The World Cocoa Conference 2016 is scheduled to be held in Punta Canca, Dominican Republic in March 2016.
You can find discussions of the 2014 conference online here.

Chains and relations

Sustainable commodities are high on the social and political agenda in The Netherlands. Most... Read more

Markets and policies

Trials were established on smallholder cocoa farms in three provinces in Sulawesi to assess... Read more

Farmers and Production

The study examined whether or not there is long run equilibrium relationship between Cocoa yield... Read more

Chocoa conference amsterdam 05-03-2015

The Chocoa conference has been and gone! Find new information on the conference on their website or on the Chocoa website or CocoaConnect... Read more

Farmers and Production

Appearance is an important quality determinant of cocoa beans and it is used as standard... Read more

Guest columnist blog
Friday, 27 March 2015
Can sector-wide marketing of cocoa contribute to sustainability? Chocolate is lovely food. There... Read more
Chains and relations

UTZ CERTFIED IMPACT REPORT. January 2014. Combining results from 24 external impact studies and... Read more

Markets and policies

This publication on cocoa and cotton in West-Africa by

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