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The search for value and meaning in the cocoa supply chain in Costa Rica, Haynes, J., Cubbage F., Mercer E., and Sills E. , Sustainability, 2012, Volume 4, Issue 7, p.1466 - 1487, (2012)

Qualitative interviews with participants in the cocoa (Theobroma cacao) supply chain in Costa Rica and the United States were conducted and supplemented with an analysis of the marketing literature to examine the prospects of organic and Fairtrade certification for enhancing environmentally and...

Gender factor in the structure and conduct of the cocoa industry in Nigeria, Akinola, G. O. , South African Journal of Business Management, 2005, Volume 36, Issue 11, p.16 - pgs., (2005)

The study revealed that there was gender discrimination against women in access to credit due to their inability to provide collateral security. It was also found that the major marketing problems faced by cocoa marketers included those of pricing, finance, transportation, activities of...

The Impact of Farmer Field Schools on Human and Social Capital: A Case Study from Ghana, David, S., and Asamoah C. , The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 2011, Volume 17, Issue 3, p.239 - 252, (2011)

Based on a case study of Ghanaian cocoa farmers who attended farmer field schools (FFS), this paper explores the impact of the FFS methodology on farmers’ technical knowledge, experimentation, knowledge diffusion, group formation and social skills as a way of assessing whether the relatively...


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