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To share, meet and learn for sustainable cocoa


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Origin Chocolate Event takes place in seven halls of the beautiful Royal Tropical Institute. You can experience, taste and learn about all...

Wednesday, 07 June 2017

The new organization will create a single agriculture sustainability standard, it will simplify the certification process and continue to improve...

Thursday, 09 June 2016

On 22-25 May 2016 the 3rd World Cocoa Conference took place in The Dominican Republic. Over 1300 participants from 64 countries attended the...

Wednesday, 08 June 2016

An International Cocoa Research Network and Conference
Meeting notes, Bavaro Dominican Republic, 26 May 2016

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Amsterdam, 29 april 2016

Vandebron laat iedereen zelf 100% duurzame energie kopen van onafhankelijke producenten, zoals boeren met een...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The department of Food Science and Technology of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partnership with the Cocoa Processing...

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

• Pattern of volatile substances traceable to region
• Method usable in fraud...

Thursday, 07 April 2016

Strengthening position of farmers in cocoa value chain

The DFFS provides an alternative interface for interactions between farmers,...

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Join us at CMT’s 2nd Cocoa Revolution in Ho Chi Minh, 9-11 March 2016 for the honored address by Laurent Pipitone, Director of the Economics and...

Monday, 04 January 2016

Can you imagine a world without chocolate? No? But will it always be available and what are the challenges the makers face today? And did you know...

World Cocoa Conference 2016 - first presentations are online

On 22-25 May 2016 the 3rd World Cocoa Conference took place in The Dominican Republic. Over 1300 participants from 64 countries attended the biggest cocoa conference in Latin America.

Below you can find a selection of presentations from the World Cocoa Conference 2016
This page will be updated when new presentations become available:

Cocoa Producers’ Forum
This event was organized by the ICCO prior to the opening of the World Cocoa Conference to encourage consultation and experience sharing as well as facilitate harmonization of positions of cocoa producers from all regions. It was a free-of-charge event restricted to farmers participating at the World Cocoa Conference.

Panel 1:Progress and future of cocoa growing: regional experiences
Available presentations:
How to sustain cocoa production from Malaysia's perspective — by Dr. Haya Ramba, Malaysia Cocoa Board, Malaysia
Progress and Future of Cocoa Growing (Dominican Republic) — by Mr. Abel Fernández, Commercial Manager Grupo Conacado
El futuro del cultivo del cacao - modernizarse o percerer — by Mr. Freddy Cabello Luna, UNOCACE

Panel 2: Strengthening the voice of cocoa farmers, on the national and global stages
Available presentations:
Cámara Nicaragüense de Cacaoteros — by Mrs Maria Woo, CACAONICA, Nicaragua

World Cocoa Conference 2016 - Official Opening Ceremony and Welcome Speeches
Injecting Innovation to Sustain the Future Supply of Cocoa — by Dr. Jean-Marc Anga, ICCO
Road to Sustainability: Implementation of the Global Cocoa Agenda
Exportaciones de Cacao en la Repûblica Dominicana — by Mr. Valadimir Hernández del Orbe, Exports Supply Manager, CEI-RD
Road to Sustainability: Progress by Cocoa Producing Countries on their National Cocoa Strategies (panel 1)
Road to Sustainability: Progress by Cocoa Producing Countries on their National Cocoa Strategies: Prospects for Cocoa Processing and Consumption in Africa — by Mr. Yusuf Daya, Projects and Export Development Finance, Afreximbank
Road to Sustainability: Experience from cocoa farmers (panel 2)
Road to Sustainability: Experience from cocoa farmers: La voie de la durabilité: l'expérience des cacaoculteurs —by Mr. Toussaint N'Guessan, President, World Cocoa Producers' Organization (WCPO/OMCC)
Road to Sustainability: Initiatives by the industry - Scaling Impact through Alignment and Partnerships (panel 3)
Road to Sustainability: Initiatives by the industry: Scaling impact through alignment and partnerships — by Mr. Barry Parkin, Chairman, World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)

Track 1 The Future of Production
Mapping cropping systems and farming practices (panel 4)
Mapping Cropping Systems and Farming Practices — by Mr. Philippe Bastide, CIRAD
Mapping Cocoa Productivity Project — by Mr. Paul Hadley, University of Reading
Cocoa farming models of the future: Status, gaps and research priorities — by Verena Ingram, Wageningen UR
Factores para manejo de cultivo — by Claro Blacio, International Agribusiness Consulting

Improved planting material for superior flavour and yields (panel 5)
Improved Planting Materials of good Quality, Yield and Diverse Flavours – Tapping Cacao Diversity for Farmers, Manufacturers and Consumers — by Brigitte Laliberté, CacaoNet


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