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Research Needs for Sustainable Cocoa Production in Ghana

Understanding the complexity of sustainable cocoa: Low cocoa productivity, poor livelihoods of cocoa farmers and a negative impact on ecosystems have led to a global realisation that cocoa production should be made more sustainable. In the previous years, many new projects have been established...

Global Cocoa Project

The Global Cocoa Project (GCP) is a high-impact poverty alleviation project focused on significantly improving the lives of cocoa farmers worldwide through the supply of equipment and basic needs.

Sustainable cocoa & sugar

Unilever wants to source sugar and cocoa sustainably by 2020. On this web page the company explains how cocoa cultivation can be improved, which targets it sets towards reaching this goald and its collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance with reagrd to certification. Unilver further tells...

Wienco Agriculture

Wienco specializes in the importation and distribution of high quality agro-inputs that meet international standards. As part of Wienco's commitment to improving productivity of smallholder farmers in Ghana, input packages are given to organized groups of farmers in the form of credit facilities...

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