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World's capacity for processing beans has grown faster than demand for finished products.

Cocoa fact sheet, Wegner, Lucia , 04/2012, The Hague, p.12, (2012) Wegner (2012) Cocoa factsheet.pdf (431.09 KB)

Working paper prepared by Wageningen UR for an event about inclusive agri-markets in The Hague in 2012. The paper gives a summary of the cocoa industry, focussing especially on production in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire. The paper also focusses on how businesses and other organisations related to the...

Clear and short summary of an ISEAL Alliance survey that collected data from 101 business leaders. The survey was about the use of sustainability standards. 70% of the respondents say there is a strong business case for sustainability standards.

The UTZ Certified and Solidaridad cocoa programme aims to improve sustainability in cocoa supply chains through implementing UTZ Certification and training activities. LEI Wageningen UR has been commissioned by Solidaridad and UTZ Certified to conduct a baseline assessment of six cocoa projects...

The business environment for smallholder cocoa farmers in Liberia has improved. Game-changing efforts by the government have increased competition among cocoa buyers and led to higher producer prices. Farmers are also encouraged by new investors to improve the quality of cocoa, for which they...

A new Tulane University study of the West African chocolate industry estimates that 2.12 million child laborers worked in cocoa production in the 2013/2014 cocoa harvest season in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.

The study, commissioned by the U.S. Department of Labor, also found evidence of...

There appears to be a growing consensus that a severe cocoa-supply shortage is a distinct reality in the near future.The math is simple; a mere 3 percent growth in consumption would require the addition of nearly 1.8 million metric tons of cocoa by 2025

The Cocoa Barometer 2015 provides an overview of the current sustainability developments in the cocoa sector, and highlights critical issues that are not receiving sufficient attention at present. It is an endeavor to stimulate and enable stakeholders to communicate and discuss these critical...

UTZ Chocoa Presentation, UTZ , Chocoa 2015, 03/2015, Amsterdam, (2015) Session 4 - UTZ.pptx (700.35 KB)
Are we running out of Cocoa?, Thornton, Pamela , Chocoa 2015, 03/2015, Amsterdam, (2015) Session 4 - Pamela Thornton.pptx (2.19 MB)



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