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World Cocoa Conference 2016 Presentations: Paul Hadley: Mapping Cocoa Productivity: Mapping Cocoa Productivity Project

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University of Reading
Paul Hadley
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productivity & quality
Mapping Cocoa Productivity Project

Aims Mapping Cocoa Productivity Project
• To carry out a thorough characterisation of approximately 300 contrasting cocoa farms in Ghana, Indonesia and Cote d’Ivoire (age, size, variety of
cocoa used, shade species present) as well as the socio-economic background of the farmers.
• To assess the agricultural practices carried out on these farms by means of farmer interviews.
• To assess yields, cropping patterns and losses to disease across the farms in the study.
• To carry out controlled interventions on a sub-set of farms.
• To ascertain what factors underlie farm-to-farm variations in yield.
• Funded by Mondelez International.

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