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World Cocoa Conference 2016 Presentations: Claro Blacio: Mapping cropping systems and farming practices , (Presentation) , Claro Blacio , 2016 , International Agribusiness Consulting , Spanish
World Cocoa Conference 2016 Presentations: Mrs Maria Woo: Cámara Nicaragüense de Cacaoteros , (Presentation) , Mrs Maria Woo , 2016 , CANICACAO , Spanish
World Cocoa Conference 2016 Presentations: OMCC - WCPO: La voie de la durabilité : l’expérience des cacaoculteurs , (Presentation) , KONAN Toussaint N’Guessan , 2016 , OMCC - WCPO: Organisation Mondiale des Cultivateurs de Cacao - World Cocoa Producers Organization , French

World Cocoa Conference 2016 Presentations: Verina Ingram: Cocoa farming models of the future: Status, gaps and research priorities

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Wageningen UR
Verena Ingram
Publication date: 
farmers & labourers
productivity & quality
access to services & inputs
capacity building
status, gaps, research priorities

Key recommendations
Develop and share costs benefits of different farm models that integrate and take account of technical support, economics, environment, climate change, available planting materials and land availability, which incorporate both intensification (better use of existing land) and diverse farming systems. Seeing is believing to promote change: We need to facilitate farmer to farmer exchanges on farming models so that farmers can choose optimum model suited to their needs, situation and capacities. Physical and exchanges and facilitating ICT are strongly recommended.


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