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Practical publications

The effects of rainfall and other weather parameters on cocoa production in Nigeria, Lawal, Justina Oluyemisi, and Omonona Bolarin Titus , Comunicata Scientiae , 12/2014, Volume 5, Issue 4, Nigeria, p.523, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
Alternative approaches to achieve a living income: A roadmap for flexible premiums, Huetz-Adams, Friedel , Alternative approaches to increase the income of cocoa farmers, April 2017, Bonn, (2017) , (Practical Publication)
Improving sustainability in cocoa and coffee, van Rijn, Fedes, and Ingram Verina , December 2016, Wageningen, (2016) , (Practical Publication)
A touch of cocoa Baseline study of six UTZ-Solidaridad cocoa projects in Ghana, Weerts, Yuca, and al Lan Ge et , 07/2013, The Hague, p.183, (2013) , (Practical Publication)

Agricultural intensification as a strategy for climate mitigation in Ghana

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TitleAgricultural intensification as a strategy for climate mitigation in Ghana
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsGockowski, J., Robiglio V., Muilerman S., and Agyeman N. F.

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