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Practical publications

Evaluating the Effect of Logistical Drivers on Cocoa Supply Chain in Ghana: A Case of Transroyal Ghana Limited, Asamoah, David, Arthur Yarhands Dissou, and Stephen Assane , International Journal of Business and Social Science , March 2013, Volume Vol. 4, Issue No. 3, USA, p.195, (2013) , (Practical Publication)
Cocoa Arrives, By Sail, Grossman, Andrew , Wall Street Journal, June 15, 2011, (2011) , (Practical Publication)
Drivers and barriers to sustainable purchasing practices in the cocoa sector, Phillips, D., and Tallontire A. , NRET Working Paper, 2007, (2007) , (Practical Publication)
Cocoa and dentistry in Ghana, Ketelaar, Erwin, and Puma Danielle , 2007, Utrecht, p.108 - pgs., (2007) , (Practical Publication)

Cocoa Arrives, By Sail

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TitleCocoa Arrives, By Sail
Publication TypeNewspaper Article
AuthorsGrossman, Andrew