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Practical publications

BÁVARO COCOA DECLARATION - World Cocoa Conference 2016, , World Cocoa Conference, 05/2016, Bavaro, The Dominican Republic, (2016) , (Practical Publication)
CHOCOLATE PROCESSORS STRUGGLE WITH FACTORY GLUT, Dunn, Katherine , WSJ, 24/03/2016, London, (2016) , (Practical Publication)
Cocoa fact sheet, Wegner, Lucia , 04/2012, The Hague, p.12, (2012) , (Practical Publication)
A touch of cocoa Baseline study of six UTZ-Solidaridad cocoa projects in Ghana, Weerts, Yuca, and al Lan Ge et , 07/2013, The Hague, p.183, (2013) , (Practical Publication)

Monitoring the Dutch cocoa letter of intent.

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TitleMonitoring the Dutch cocoa letter of intent.
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLogatcheva, K., and V. Ingram
InstitutionWageningen UR
CityDen Haag
Publication Languageenglish
Keywordscertified cocoa, dutch letter of intent for sustainable cocoa, market, monitoring, netherlands, trade