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Cocoa: Driver of deforestation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?, de Beule, Hilde, and Jassogne Laurence , 05/2014, Copenhagen, (2014) Cocoa Driver of deforestation in the DRC.pdf (9.71 MB)
Cocoa Fertilizer Forum, World Cocoa Foundation, and Initiative IDH - sustaina , 10/2014, Copenhagen, (2014) Report Fertilizer Forum Copenhagen Oct 13 2014.pdf (418.41 KB)
Cocoa Production and Related Social-Economic and Climate Factors: A Case Study of Ayedire Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria, Adeniyi, O. R., and Ogunsola G.O. , Agricultural Science , 06/2014, Volume 2, Issue 4, Nigeria, p.13, (2014) Cocoa Production and Related Social-Economic and Climate Factors.pdf (275.51 KB)
Cocoa Quality Index Proposal, .R, AraujoQ, and al FernandesC.A.F et , 05/2014, (2014) Cocoa Quality Index.pdf (652.03 KB)
Comparative Analysis Of Owner Managed And Lease Managed System Of Cocoa Production In Ekiti State Nigeria. , B., Sekumade A. , Online, (2014) Comparative analysis of owner managed and lease managed system of cocoa production in ekiti state nigeria.pdf (214.26 KB)
A Comparative Study of Effects of Drying Methods on Quality of Cocoa Beans, Lasisi, D. , International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), 01/2014, Volume 3, Issue 1, Nigeria, p.996, (2014) A comparative study of effects of drying methods on quality of cocoa beans.pdf (467.82 KB)
COMPLIANCE OF AGROCHEMICAL MARKETERS WITH BANNED COCOA PESTICIDES IN SOUTHWEST NIGERIA , Mokwunye, Idongesit U., and al Folaranmi D. Babalol , Journal of Agricultural sciences, 05/2014, Volume 59, Issue 2, Nigeria, (2014) Compliance of Agrochemical marketers with banned cocoa pesticides in southwest Nigeria.pdf (182.65 KB)
Cultural Elements and Women Subservient Roles among Cocoa Farm Families in Southwest Nigeria: Implications for HIV Prevention Strategies., , and A. Lawal O. , IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, 05/2014, Volume 7, Issue 5, Nigeria, (2014) Cultural elements and women subservient roles among cocoa farm families in southwest nigeria. implications for HIV prevention strategies.pdf (238.04 KB)
The different methods of cocoa farming in southeastern Bahia, Brazil: historical aspects and perceptions, Piasentin, Flora Bonazzi, and Saito Carlos Hiroo , 05/2014, Bahia, (2014) The different methods of cocoa farming in southeastern Bahia, Brazil.pdf (1.02 MB)
Early Life Circumstance and Mental Health in Ghana, Adhvaryu, Achyuta, Fenske James, and Nyshadham Anant , CSAE (Centre for the study of African Economies) Working Paper WPS/2014-03, 01/2014, (2014) csae-wps-2014-03.pdf (439.11 KB)



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