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To share, meet and learn for sustainable cocoa


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The chocolate of tomorrow, KPMG International , 2012, p.12 - pgs, (2012)
Projects on ''Sustainable Cocoa production in Ghana related to forests'', International, Tropenbos , 06/2014, (2014) Projects on “Sustainable cocoa production in Ghana related to forests”.pdf (3 MB)
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Impact of UTZ Certification of cocoa in Ivory Coast Assessment framework and baseline, Ingram, Verina, and Waarts Yuca , Den Haag, (2014) UTZ Impact of UTZ certification of cocoa in Ivory Coast FINAL REPORT 2014.pdf (7.02 MB)
Impact of UTZ Certification of cocoa in Côte d’Ivoire: Assessment framework and baseline. Summary Brochure, Ingram, Verina, Waarts Yuca, Ge Lan, van Vugt Simone, Wegner Lucia, Puister-Jansen Linda, Ruf Francois, and Tanoh Roger , October 2014, Den Haag, (2014) UTZ Ivory coast cocoa brochure 2014 FINAL.pdf (1.24 MB)
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The Sustainable Cocoa Production Program (SCPP), SwissContact Indonesia , 2013///, (2013)



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