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The effects of rainfall and other weather parameters on cocoa production in Nigeria (Publication)

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is an important crop to Nigeria, as significant as it is, the climatic factors affecting it’s production cannot be controlled by human efforts. The effect of changing climate all over the world is also affecting the yield of cocoa in Nigeria. This study determines the...

Syscope (Publication)

Door voortdurend te innoveren behoort Nederland tot de meest productieve en dynamische producenten van voedsel en agrarische producten ter wereld. Om het innovatievermogen verder te versterken zijn de topsectoren Agri & Food en Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen geselecteerd. Beide...

Gender, Education and Child Protection - Interactive Session World Cocoa Conference 2014 (Publication)

During the World Cocoa Conference 2014 an Interactive Session was held on Gender, Education and Child Protection. In the attached document you find Facts, Case studies, Good Practises and Tools on five different topics: Child Protection, Empowering women through Education, Improving Quality by...

Sustainable cocoa: a matter of taste? (Publication)

Can Fine/ flavour' and 'single origin' cocoa be utilised as an instrument for promoting sustainable cocoa?

Letter of intent : sustainable cocoa consumption and cocoa production (Publication)

Over 25 retailers, chocolate producers and NGOs signed a letter of intent initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) and IDH on sustainable cacao. The signing parties aim to support the revitalization of cocoa production in West-Africa to allow for the consumption of...

How can the productivity of Indone sian cocoa farms be increased? (Publication)

This study investigates the Indonesian cocoa production to reveal the possibilities
for poverty alleviation while considering the threats to environmental
sustainability. We estimate, based on a large household panel data set and stochastic frontier analysis, the...

Alternative approaches to achieve a living income: A roadmap for flexible premiums (Publication)

This new paper published by SÜDWIND explains in more details how a Flexible Premium model could work. It is aimed to provide chocolate and cocoa companies a concrete option to take their responsibility: Their responsibility to protect the first producers in their supply chain from unwanted price...

Vulnerability to climate change in West Africa (Publication)

The West African cocoa belt, reaching from Sierra Leone to southern Cameroon, is the origin of about 70% of the world's cocoa (Theobroma cacao), which in turn is the basis of the livelihoods of about two million farmers. We analyze cocoa's vulnerability to climate change in the West African...

Cocoa and Coconut in the Solomon Islands: A Family Affair (Publication)

Cocoa and Coconut in the Solomon Islands, A Family Affair, is an explorative study that complements and builds upon existing studies of the cocoa and coconut value chains in Solomon Islands. This qualitative study combines an inclusive value chain approach with a gender relations framework. The...


The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) was commissioned by Solidaridad, in partnership with Marks & Spencer, to understand the unmet needs of cocoa growing communities in Ghana, ideate new SME service concepts and develop high-level business models.



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