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ICCFO Meeting minutes February 2015 (Presentation)

The International Cocoa Farmers Organization (ICCFO) held its first plenary meeting of Cocoa
farmers with participants from seven (7) cocoa producing countries and invited guest from the cocoa
value chain and the Dutch Ministry of economic Affair in Alexanderveld 5, 2502 LS The Hague...

Climate Change and the Cocoa Production in the Tropical Rain Forest Ecological Zone of Ondo State, Nigeria (Publication)

The study examined whether or not there is long run equilibrium relationship between Cocoa yield and climate change (i.e. Rainfall, Temperature and Humidity). This is to ascertain the impact of climate change on cocoa yield in the study area. The unit root test was carried out and it was...

Competitiveness of cocoa-based farming household in Nigeria (Publication)

Nigeria is the third largest producer of cocoa in Africa producing about 6% of the total world production. The objective of thsi study is to assess the competitiveness,. comparative advantage and effect of government policies on cocoa production in Ondo state Nigeria.

Improving Nutritional Quality of Cocoa Pod (Theobroma cacao) through Chemical and Biological Treatments for Ruminant Feeding: In vitro and In vivo Evaluation (Publication)

Cocoa pod is among the by-products of cocoa (Theobroma cacao) plantations. The aim of this study was to apply a number of treatments in order to improve nutritional quality of cocoa pod for feeding of ruminants. Cocoa pod was subjected to different treatments, i.e. C (cocoa pod without any...

Preventing Child Labor in Developing Economies (Publication)

Child labor is not a new phenomenon. Historically it was an accepted a stage of life for children too unfortunate to benefit from education. Especially since the European Enlightenment of the Eighteen Century, children ceased being seen as miniature adults who were especially useful for their...

Pathways for sustainable intensification and diversification of cocoa agroforestry landscapes in Cameroon (Publication)

There is increasing recognition that rural landscapes possess a strong potential for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest degradation. As an agroforestry option, cocoa systems have been widely cited as a potential climate-smart agricultural practice. More specifically, it has been...

Effect of Roasting Conditions on the Browning Index and Appearance Properties of Pulp Pre-Conditioned and Fermented Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) Beans (Publication)

Appearance is an important quality determinant of cocoa beans and it is used as standard criteria to establish the degree of fermentation and drying of the beans. Changes in browning index and colour (L*a* b*) during roasting of pulp pre-conditioned and fermented cocoa beans were studied using...

Economic Efficiency of Cocoa Production in Gashaka Local Government Area, Taraba State, Nigeria (Publication)

The study was carried out to analyze the Economic Efficiency of Cocoa Production in Gashaka Local Government Area of Taraba State, Nigeria. Data for the study were collected from 80 respondents in 2012 using multi-stage sampling techniques and were analyzed using budgeting technique and profit...



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