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Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (Publication)

We only have one planet, not three. How can we ensure sustainability?

Letter of intent : sustainable cocoa consumption and cocoa production (Publication)

Over 25 retailers, chocolate producers and NGOs signed a letter of intent initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) and IDH on sustainable cacao. The signing parties aim to support the revitalization of cocoa production in West-Africa to allow for the consumption of...

Vulnerability to climate change in West Africa (Publication)

The West African cocoa belt, reaching from Sierra Leone to southern Cameroon, is the origin of about 70% of the world's cocoa (Theobroma cacao), which in turn is the basis of the livelihoods of about two million farmers. We analyze cocoa's vulnerability to climate change in the West African...

Ecosystem Stewardship in the Cacao Trade System: A Change Management Design for a Medium-Sized Chocolate Company (Publication)

The global cacao trade is a complex system that has powerful impacts on natural ecosystems and humans involved. Major negative consequences include direct
biodiversity and habitat loss, increased global climate change through CO2 emissions, and cacao farmers experiencing an ongoing cycle...

Market Concentration and Price Formation in the Global Cocoa Value Chain’ (Publication)

This report explores to what extent market concentration in the cocoa value chain is responsible for the widespread poverty of cocoa farmers. The report finds that market concentration among chocolate manufacturers and cocoa processors is not the key cause. Instead, there are two other key...

BÁVARO COCOA DECLARATION - World Cocoa Conference 2016 (Publication)

At the kind invitation of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) and the Government of The Dominican Republic, around 1,300 participants from 64 countries gathered in Bávaro from 22-25 May 2016 for the Third World Cocoa Conference (WCC3). The purpose of the conference was to map progress...

World Cocoa Conference 2016 Presentations: Road to Sustainability: Initiatives by Industry (Presentation)

Road to Sustainability: Initiatives by Industry
Scaling Impact through Alignment and Partnerships

Factors contributing to the variation in the volatile composition of chocolate: Botanical and geographical origins of the cocoa beans, and brand-related formulation and processing (Publication)

The intrinsic characteristics of chocolate and the complex technological process complicate the assessment of the typical features of this product and the verification of its authenticity. In this study, the influence of the botanical and geographical origin of the cocoa beans, as well as the...

Philosophy of Private Sector Development by Gabriella Crescini - Swisscontact (Presentation)

Chocoa 2016 Conference on sustainable cocoa: Preparing for the next generation
Presentation by Gabriella Crescini



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