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Certification of agricultural products is an increasingly common tool that
is expected to contribute to agricultural improvement, farmer well-being,
poverty alleviation, reduced environmental impact and food safety. In an
increasingly competitive market, processors,...

Data sources For explaining monitoring and evaluation results (Publication)

In this factsheet, data sources are presented that can be used to find information
about factors that may influence the implementation and outcomes of activities by
UTZ Certified and partners. In this overview, we do not list the influencing factors
for which no publicly...

Does cocoa-fruit intercropping impact infestation by the cocoa mirid bug Sahlbergella Singularis (Hemiptera:Miridae)? (Publication)

Worldwide, crop monocultures have proven to be particularly susceptible to pests and diseases. In Africa, unshaded “pure” cocoa plantations are often highly damaged by mirids and consequently require intensive phytosanitary protection. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of an...

Preventing Child Labor in Developing Economies (Publication)

Child labor is not a new phenomenon. Historically it was an accepted a stage of life for children too unfortunate to benefit from education. Especially since the European Enlightenment of the Eighteen Century, children ceased being seen as miniature adults who were especially useful for their...

Testing local cocoa selections in three provinces in Sulawesi: (i) Productivity and resistance to cocoa pod borer and Phytophthora pod rot (black pod) (Publication)

Trials were established on smallholder cocoa farms in three provinces in Sulawesi to assess productivity and constitutive responses of local cocoa clones to cocoa pod borer (CPB) and Phytophthora pod rot (Ppr) in different environmental situations. Twelve clones per trial (local farmer-assisted...

Cocoa Production and Related Social-Economic and Climate Factors: A Case Study of Ayedire Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria (Publication)

Cocoa has been a major source of income for many Nigerians and a major source of foreign exchange earnings for the country. However its production has been experiencing a declining trend in recent times. Many factors have been implicated. One major factor is changes in climate variables. This...

Agrotourism development in Ghana: A study of its prospects and challenges at Adjeikrom Cocoa Tour Facility (Publication)

Literature depicts agrotourism as a tool for environmental conservation and rural development. Nonetheless, there is a glaring lacuna in literature concerning agrotourism research from Western Africa. This paper seeks to ontribute towards filling this gap in literature. The paper investigates...

Sustainable Cocoa Production in Ghana: a Case Study of Farmer Field School and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) (Publication)

A study was conducted to gather empirical evidence on the eff ectiveness of Farmer Field School (FFS) and the strengths of the approach in imparting knowledge and empowering farmers. Th e study was conducted on a cocoa farm where all activities were carried out during Field School sessions for...

Official report of the Second World Cocoa Conference, 9-13 June 2014, Amsterdam (Publication)

This report, prepared by the ICCO Secretariat, contains the summary proceedings and outcome of the World Cocoa Conference 2014. The report includes the Amsterdam Cocoa Declaration as well as an updated Conference Programme. The list of presentations and other documents are available on the ICCO...



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