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A range of different public and private sector organisations have intervened to improve the production of cocoa and smallholder livelihoods in Indonesia. They have employed a variety of methods and approaches. While some successes are evident, cocoa smallholders continue to struggle with the...

Market study of fine flavour cocoa (revised version) (Publication)

This research was conducted to produce a mapping of the fine flavour cocoa (FFC) market for 11 countries of interest in Latin – America, Asia and Africa, and to define the potential of fine flavour cocoa for these countries. The research focussed on the varieties of fine flavour cocoa, the...

Effect of extraction conditions on the yield and chemical properties of pectin from cocoa husks (Publication)

The use of citric acid as an extractant could boost the industrial recovery of pectin from waste cocoa husks that are generated during cocoa production, say researchers. In this research, different extraction conditions were applied to investigate the effect of temperature, extraction time and...

Partnerships for sustainable development (Publication)

This publication reflects essays of participants of the module Partnerships for International Sustainable Development, of the post-graduate course of "International Sustainable Development" for profesionalls in business and society organized by the University of Aplied Sciences Leiden in...

Commodity policy in an era of liberalized global markets (Publication)

This chapter reviews more and less mainstream policy options in relation to the commodity question in the light of both its classical definition and the emerging concern about oligopoly. It begins by updating the evidence concerning commodity price decline and volatility, and examining the...

Commodities, donors, value-chain analysis and upgrading (Publication)

This paper argues that donor interventions in the area of agro-commodities remain both feasible and of critical economic importance. However, for them to be Worthwhile they must be anchored in attention to and understanding of a set of issues laying just below the surface of questions such as...

Global commodity chains and economic upgrading in less developed countries (Publication)

A central objective of this paper is to further develop certain of the central categories of Global Commodity Chain (GCC) analysis and to apply them, first to a general consideration of what will be called ‘international trader-driven’ GCCs, and then to two GCCs for primary commodities emanating...

Proyecto de Reactivacion del Cacao Nacional Fino o de Aroma (Presentation)

An overview of the Cocoal Reactivation Project in Ecuador is presented. It aims to enhance the production of fine or flavour cocoa, of which Ecuador is a world leader.

Abidjan Cocoa Declaration (Publication)

At the World Cocoa Conference, held in November 2012, the Abidjan Cocoa Declaration towards a sustainable cocoa future was signed by numerous stakeholders. The following countries and cocoa stakeholders have signed the declaration:

Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Indonesia, Cameroon, Democratic...

First Conference on Economics and Politics of Chocolate (Website)

The Conference on the Economics and Politics of Chocolate was the first ever social science conference on topics related to chocolate. The conference was held from 16th to 18th of September 2012 in Leuven, Belgium.



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