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Chain governance, sector policies and economic sustainability in cocoa (Presentation)

This powerpoint discusses questions of chain governance and state involvement with regard to the development of the cocoa sector in developing countries.

Intentieverklaring duurzame cacao (Publication)

This Dutch declaration of intent was signed by chocolate producers, cacao processors, supermarkets and civil organizations in the Netherlands. It was agreed that half of all cocoa used in the Netherlands will be produced sustainably by 2015. This is expected to rise to 100% in 2025.

Quality Incentives in Informal Markets: The Case of Ecuadorian Cocoa (Publication)

We investigate the economic importance of implicit quality incentives in an agricultural market that lacks the institutional capacity for measuring quality verifiably. We measure the magnitude of implicit price premiums for quality, and we distinguish empirically between hedonic-pricing and...

Cocoa futures and options summary (Publication)

Brokerage information on cocoa futures and options is presented.

Child labour, education and child rights among cocoa producers in Ghana (Publication)

This chapter outlines certain common misconceptions about the cocoa industry in Ghana and highlights the importance of local factors in understanding certain forms of child labour and contemporary slavery. It illustrates how academic research can make a useful contribution to the world of policy...

Organic cocoa production in Cameroon and Togo (Publication)

The emergence of strong organic brands and the entry of mainstream food corporations in the organic cocoa market reflected the growing market for organic cocoa. So far, Latin American and Caribbean countries have been the main producers of organic cocoa beans.
3. In response to this...

Improving the marketing competitiveness of Fine or Flavour cocoa origins (Presentation)

Improving the marketing competitiveness of Fine or Flavour cocoa origins

Reducing the Gender Gap in Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (Publication)

To realize the gains of reducing gender equality, men and women farmers need access to information, skills and tools to improve yields. However, levels of contact between farmers and extension agents remain relatively low in general, and especially low among women (World Bank, 2010). The...

The Impact of Irrigation on Nutrition, Health, and Gender (Publication)

Few studies have analyzed the impact of irrigation interventions on nutrition, health, and women’s empowerment, despite the large potential of irrigation to affect these important variables. Irrigation interventions may have differential effects on different members in the household and in the...

Resilience in a downturn: The power of financial cooperatives (Publication)

The report notes that financial cooperatives have fared better than the investor-owned banks in times of crisis. Savings and credit cooperatives, cooperative banks and credit unions have grown, kept credit flowing especially to small and medium sized enterprises, and remained stable across...



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