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To share, meet and learn for sustainable cocoa

Latin America

Cocoa Farming Future Initiative (Website)

CFFI as a nonprofit organization raises awareness and money to help the cocoa farmers of Grenada and surrounding island nations. CFFI works closely with the Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA), a cooperative of 5,000 farmers.

Christian Aid in Bolivia: Cocoa and Land Rights (Video)

Uploaded on Nov 2, 2011
This film shows the work of one of Christian Aid's Bolvian partners, CIPCA .
CIPCA works with communities in the Amazon to help them get official papers for their land and to grow a crop system that provides more food for their families. They support...

TCHOSource (Website)

TCHOSource is a program dedicated to partnering directly with the cocoa growers and working closely with them to produce great cacao. TCHOSource provides innovation, technology and know-how that empower the cocoa growers to improve their livelihoods and hone their craft.



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