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CocoaAction: West Africa Community Development Implementation Manual (Training material)

This implementation manual lays out the different components of the CocoaAction Community Development package – including both detailed information on the interventions and connections to related and broader elements. It intends to give strategic rather than technical guidance to the companies (...

Cocoa Action Primer 1.0 (Publication)
Chocoa 2016: Don't Forget the Cocoa Farmers - Presented by Tony Lass (Presentation)

Don't Forget the Cocoa Farmers by Tony Lass
Presented at the Chocoa Conference on 5 February 2016

VSO Nigeria: addressing challenges in cocoa (Presentation)

A lot has been done in the cocoa sector. Many companies and NGO’s are implementing sustainability programs, often aimed at achieving certification. However, we have not yet realized a fully sustainable cocoa sector.

The VSO cocoa program in Nigeria proposes two workstreams, in...

Cocoa Barometer (Publication)



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