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What is needed?
- Farmers’ access to good planting materials as part of a package of measures to increase productivity and improve overall economy of their farms.
- Replace ageing trees with high-yielding and disease-resistant planting materials.
- Superior planting...

What is the future of cocoa production as a sustainable means of
livelihood for cocoa farmers? Are cocoa farmers being priced out of
cocoa production?

Chocoa 2016 Conference on sustainable cocoa: Preparing for the next generation
Presentation by Gaël Lescornec

A lot has been done in the cocoa sector. Many companies and NGO’s are implementing sustainability programs, often aimed at achieving certification. However, we have not yet realized a fully sustainable cocoa sector.

The VSO cocoa program in Nigeria proposes two workstreams, in...

Wives of cocoa farmers are regularly involved in 12 of the 19 key stages in cocoa production. The efficiency, fairness, and sustainability of not involving women in cocoa interventions is put in doubt. An example is given of an intervention to overcome gender constraints in Honduras.

A member of Kuapa Kokoo cocoa grower' s cooperative was elected the national secretary for the farmers' union and the chair of the farmers trust. In this video she explains in 3 minutes that she joined Kuapa Kokoo because this cooperative pays fair and plays fair deals with the women cocoa...

The importance of increasing productivity in the cocoa sector is stressed as so many people in Ivory Coast depend on cocoa farming. Anything that supports sustainability and reduces poverty is of interest for the World Bank as poverty reduction is a top priority.

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