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To share, meet and learn for sustainable cocoa


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The Cocoa Merchants' Association of America, Inc. (CMAA)

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chain governance
trade & industry
social policies
private sector policies
Country & region: 
United States
chain governance, chains & relations, private sector policies, social policies, trade & industry

The principal objects of the Association are to foster trade and welfare of the cocoa beans and cocoa products industry in the United States; to obtain for its membership the benefits to be secured by friendly intercourse among those engaged in importing and trading in cocoa beans and cocoa products and, by mutual cooperation and joint action, to promote and advance the interests of thereto; to secure freedom from unjust or unlawful exactions; to procure uniformity and certainty in the customs and usage of the trade and commerce in cocoa beans and cocoa products; to settle differences between its members; and to do such other and further acts and things far as the same are permitted by the laws of the State of New York to corporations under the Not for Profit Corporation Law and by the Antitrust Statute of the United States of America.