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Some Challenges in the Cocoa industry, Etoa, Pierre , Chocoa 2014, 03/2014, Amsterdam, (2014) Pierre Etoa presentation.pdf (880.73 KB)

What challenges are facing Cocoa internationally?

This study investigates the Indonesian cocoa production to reveal the possibilities
for poverty alleviation while considering the threats to environmental
sustainability. We estimate, based on a large household panel data set and stochastic frontier analysis, the...

Vulnerability to climate change in West Africa, Schroth, Götz, and al et , Science of the Total Environment, 01/2016, Issue 556 , internet, p.241, (2016) Schroth et al 2016 Vulnerability to climate change of cocoa in West Africa.pdf (2.58 MB)

The West African cocoa belt, reaching from Sierra Leone to southern Cameroon, is the origin of about 70% of the world's cocoa (Theobroma cacao), which in turn is the basis of the livelihoods of about two million farmers. We analyze cocoa's vulnerability to climate change in the West African...

Ecosystem Stewardship in the Cacao Trade System: A Change Management Design for a Medium-Sized Chocolate Company, Radeljić, Jelena, and Fischer Eduard , Global Change Management, M.Sc. Faculty of Forest and Environment University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde, 12/2016, Volume MSc, Eberswalde, p.134, (2016) MasterThesisCacao_RadeljicFischer_23.12.16_FINAL (002).pdf (8.02 MB)

The global cacao trade is a complex system that has powerful impacts on natural ecosystems and humans involved. Major negative consequences include direct
biodiversity and habitat loss, increased global climate change through CO2 emissions, and cacao farmers experiencing an ongoing cycle...

Abstract: The study focused on why farmers use banana shade crop instead of plantain for cocoa establishment. A
systematic simple random sampling technique was used to select 120 cocoa farmers from four villages in two Local
Government Areas of Cross River State, Nigeria. Descriptive...

Looking within the household: a study on gender, food security, and resilience in cocoa-growing communities, Kiewisch, Elizabeth , Gender & Development, 11/2015, Volume Volume 23, Issue Issue 3, p.513, (2015)

Many West African cocoa households experience a ‘lean season’ before the cocoa harvest, leaving them vulnerable to various events and issues which potentially cause stress – most notably food insecurity. This study, relying primarily on qualitative data from Côte d'Ivoire, examines how income...

The Effect of climate change on cocoa production in Ekiti and Ondo States of Nigeria: A co-integration analysis, , Centre for research and development (CERAD), 11/2013, Volume 4, Issue 2, Akure, Nigeria, p.77, (2013) The effect of climate change on cocoa production in Ekiti and Ondo.pdf (608.88 KB)

The study examined whether or not there is a short run and long run equilibrium relationship between cocoa output and climate change variables (i.e. Rainfall, temperature and humidity). This is to ascertain the effect of climate change on cocoa output both in the short run and long run in the...

To date, numerous efforts have been made to study the impact of various certification programmes for tropical commodities in developing countries. Most of these studies focus on the farmers participating in these programmes. However, not much scientific attention yet has gone to (wage) workers...



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