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Cocoa farming models and markets , (Presentation) , Verina Ingram , 2017 , Wageningen UR, University of the West Indies , english
World Cocoa Conference 2016 Presentations: Claro Blacio: Mapping cropping systems and farming practices , (Presentation) , Claro Blacio , 2016 , International Agribusiness Consulting , Spanish
World Cocoa Conference 2016 Presentations: Mrs Maria Woo: Cámara Nicaragüense de Cacaoteros , (Presentation) , Mrs Maria Woo , 2016 , CANICACAO , Spanish

World Cocoa Conference 2016 Presentations: Philippe BASTIDE: Mapping Cropping Systems and Farming Practices

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Philip Bastide
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farmers & labourers
farmer entrepreneurship
productivity & quality
access to services & inputs
future cocoa farmers
Cropping systems, Farming Practises

The World of cocoa is changing
• West Africa still remains the most important productive area. Production increases but some signs of burn out seem to appear (global warming, land availability, ...).
• Production in Latin America countries is increasing from the last years but have new challenges to face.
• New models of cacao farms are emerging with +/- high level of technology and mechanization and high returns required from the investors.
• A huge diversity of models of farms can be identified with a wide range of factors depending on the farmers and places where cocoa is grown: from extractivism to intensified models. Are there sustainable?

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