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Journal Article
Social Impact Assessment of Crude Oil Pollution on Small Scale Farmers in Oil Producing Communities of the Central Agricultural Zone of Delta State, Nigeria, Ofuoku, A. O. U., and Emuh F. N. , Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, 04/2014, Nigeria, (2014) Social Impact Assessment of Crude Oil Pollution on Small Scale Farmers in Oil.pdf (282.25 KB)
Social Innovation Among Ethnics in Cocoa Farming at Sulawesi, Indonesia , Fahmid, Imam Mujahidin , Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare , 11/2013, Volume Vol.3, Issue 15, (2013) Social Innovation Among Ethnics in Cocoa Farming at Sulawesi.pdf (293.26 KB)
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Sustainability in the Cocoa Sector-Review, Challenges and Approaches, Matissek, R., Reinecke J., Von Hagen O., and Manning S. , Moderne Ernaehrung Heute, Official Journal of the Food Chemistry Institute of the Association of the German Confectionery IndustryModerne, 2012, p.28 - pgs., (2012)



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