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Conference Paper
Farm Practices, Knowledge and Use of Cocoa Planting Material in Trinidad: a Survey Report, Maharaj, K., Maharaj P., and Ramnath D. , 2009///, (2009)
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Gender issues in trade: agricultural value chains: what have we learned to date?, Spence, Nancy , Continental Conference on Mainstreaming Gender into Trade Policy, 2012, (2012) Gender issues in trade and agricultural value chains.pdf (136.96 KB)
A Global Strategy for the Conservation and Use of Cacao Genetic Resources as the Foundation for a Sustainable Cocoa Economy, Laliberté, B., Cryer N.C., Daymond A.J., End M.J., Engels J., Eskes B., Gilmour M., Lachenaud P., Phillips-Mora W., Turnbull C.J., et al. , 17th International Cocoa Research Conference, Yaoundé, Cameroon, 15-20 October 2012., 10/2012, Cameroon, (2012) CacaoStrategy-COPAL-FullPaper-8Oct2012.pdf (453.66 KB)
How can the productivity of Indone sian cocoa farms be increased? , Tothmihaly, Andras, and Ingram Verina , GlobalFood, 07/2017, Gottingen, (2017) tomilathy ingram cocoa 2017.pdf (1008.12 KB)
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Impact of Collective Marketing by Cocoa Farmers’ Organizations in Cameroon , Kamdem, Cyrille Bergaly, Tameko André Melachio, Ndeffo Luc Nembot, and Gockwoski James , 2013 Fourth International Conference, September 22-25, 2013, Hammamet, Tunisia, 09/2013, Tunisia, (2013) Impact of Collective Marketing by Cocoa Farmers.pdf (980.64 KB)
Ingemann - Cacao Fino, Moller, Lars Saquero , Chocoa 2015, 03/2015, Amsterdam, (2015) Session 3 - Lars Saquero Moller.pptx (5.99 MB)



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