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To share, meet and learn for sustainable cocoa


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THE ROLE OF INVESTORS IN SUSTAINABLE COCOA, Visseri, Irene , UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN, 2017, (2017) Visser role investors in sust cocoa 2017.pdf (1.32 MB)
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Improving sustainability in cocoa and coffee, van Rijn, Fedes, and Ingram Verina , December 2016, Wageningen, (2016) Rijn & Ingram Improving sustainability in coffee & cocoa 2016.pdf (5.62 MB)
World Cocoa Foundation & CocoaAction, van der Linden, Bart , Chocoa 2015, 03/2015, Amsterdam, (2015) Session 3 - Bart van der Linden.pptx (4.14 MB)
Market study of fine flavour cocoa (revised version) , van der Kooij, Susanne , October/2013, Amsterdam, (2013) Market study of fine flavour cocoa - revised version.pdf (3.07 MB)



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