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World Bank's Daniel Sellen on the Importance of Sustainability in Ivory Coast (Video)

The importance of increasing productivity in the cocoa sector is stressed as so many people in Ivory Coast depend on cocoa farming. Anything that supports sustainability and reduces poverty is of interest for the World Bank as poverty reduction is a top priority.

Bittersweet (Video)

In the complex and global cocoa industry, there are vast numbers of cocoa farmers, yet they represent the weakest link in the economic chain. Processes of globalization and liberalization have affected their livelihood adversely; with minimal access to resources, the farmers have difficulty...

Improving supply chains workshop - Public-Private Alliance: Rural Transformation in West African cocoa communities (Presentation)

In this presentation various topics are presented: the development model of the World Cocoa Foundation; lessons learned; reasons for stagnation of supply; partnership platforms among which the sustainable tree crop program with other cocoa producing West African countries. And, future plans are...



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