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Aim: The Netherlands Embassy organised a seminar, hosted by the Cocoa Research Centre (CRC) at the University of the West Indies (UWI) to reinforce Dutch-Trinidad & Tobabgo (T&T) links in the area of cocoa. The aim was to provide information on cocoa production and recent trends in Dutch...

What is needed?
- Farmers’ access to good planting materials as part of a package of measures to increase productivity and improve overall economy of their farms.
- Replace ageing trees with high-yielding and disease-resistant planting materials.
- Superior planting...

Key recommendations
Develop and share costs benefits of different farm models that integrate and take account of technical support, economics, environment, climate change, available planting materials and land availability, which incorporate both intensification (better use of existing...

Aims Mapping Cocoa Productivity Project
• To carry out a thorough characterisation of approximately 300 contrasting cocoa farms in Ghana, Indonesia and Cote d’Ivoire (age, size, variety of
cocoa used, shade species present) as well as the socio-economic background of the farmers....

The World of cocoa is changing
• West Africa still remains the most important productive area. Production increases but some signs of burn out seem to appear (global warming, land availability, ...).
• Production in Latin America countries is increasing from the last years but have...

What is the future of cocoa production as a sustainable means of
livelihood for cocoa farmers? Are cocoa farmers being priced out of
cocoa production?



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